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COVID-19- An Ayurvedic view:

Acharya Sushruta[4] has narrated that diseases do not develop without the involvement of doshas (Humours). Hence an intelligent physician should treat the unmentioned diseases as per the symptom produced by doshas (humours).

As per Charaka samhita[5], there are several diseases which are not described in the texts with names and such diseases are to be treated after examining the doshas ( humours) and other factors involved in their manifestation. As per Ayurvedic classics, the present Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) may be considered as an Aupasargika Roga (Communicable disease) which is pandemic in nature.

The involvement of virus is the primary event in terms of Upasarga and this Aupsargika Roga affects the susceptible host in whom Vyadhikshamatva (immune strength) [6] is already compromised followed by involvement of other bio-factors. Acharya Dalhana[7] has clearly stated the involvement of kapha in sankramaka roga that spreads especially through nasal cavity causing kasa (cough), swasa (shortness of breath/dyspnoea) pratishayaya (rhinorrhea) etc. So, without making a debate on to the nomenclature of the disease, the management of Aagantuja vikaara should be done on the lines of nijavikaara[8], with the assessment of the dosha, dushya, adhishthana, avastha involved, and accordingly the management of the COVID-19 may be done.

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