Faculty of Ayurveda Institute of Medical Sciences Banaras Hindu University,

Moderate symptoms of COVID-19 :

It includes, Increased fever>101-102 chills, Deep cough, Bodyache, Muscle pain, Cold, Unwell feeling, Increased irritability, Decreased feeding, Vomiting, Crying.
Syrup mentioned for mild symptoms can be used in Moderate condition also with increase in doses.


Talishadi churna +
Madhuyasti churna
Balchaturbhadr a churna

Sudarshanghan vati.
Giloy ghan vati

Shirisadi kwatha
Gojivadi kwatha
Aswagandhadi ksheerapaka

Kumarkalyanka rasa
Swasakasachinta mani rasa with Ginger, garlic and honey
Naradiya laxmivilasa rasa

Nasya : Anu tail, coconut oil, mustard oil
Aasava: Arvindasava
Gargle: (above 8 years) Saline gargles or gargle of Haridra / Triphala churna are recommended in both mild and moderate cases.
Churna: 50mg to 100mg /kg/day in two to three divided doses
Syrup: 0.5 to 2 ml/year starting with 2.5 ml from 1st year of child
(Infants are been given even less amount of the syrup and children above 8 can be given tab or churna) {Dosing of syrup also depends upon the concentration of herbs in them.}
Vati: 10 to 25 mg /kg/day in two divided doses ( in small children below 8 years, Vati should be crushed and then mix with honey before use)
Rasausadhi: 4 to 8 mg /kg/dose in two divided doses along with honey.
Kwatha: 10 to 20 ml with sugar or jaggery.
Aasava: 5 to 10ml per day

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