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Upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) occurs commonly in children and is a major cause of mild morbidity and sometimes leads to a severe form of Pneumonia in some children who are generally immuno-compromised. Boosting immunity in children by increasing their Ojasa is the prime aim of the treatment by means of Rasayana, Nutrition, Yoga etc. But it should always be kept in our mind that children are different from adults in many ways; they have different choices, behaviors, and palatability problems in drug intake etc.
Measures to develop Immunity in children:

Swarnaprashana:(0 to 16 years)

Administration of a small amount of gold (in Bhasma form), ghirta and honey to children modulates the immunity and enhance their intellectual performance. Swarna bhasma should be given in a dose of 2mg to 15mg per day or per week or per month as required.
Yoga-Pranayam: (above 7 years)

Pranayama is “Control of Breath.”Better oxygenation of our respiratory and nervous system leads to prevention of diseases, increases stamina in children, removal of toxins and provides energy.
Surya Namaskar (above 4 years)

It makes children healthier, focused and induces a positive attitude.

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