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Covid-19- pandemic-Indian perspective

COVID -19 is a pandemic situation caused due to novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), now called as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus -2 (SARS CoV 2). Since the report of the first case of the COVID-19 pandemic in India on 30th January 2020, originating from China, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have confirmed a total of 52,952 cases, 15,267 recoveries (including 1 migration) and 1783 deaths in the country as on dated 07.05.2020[1].Following Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s repeated push to the AYUSH ministry guidelines, which suggest a range of home remedies to boost immunity, many states have started mass distribution of Ayurvedic medicines and homeopathy medicines as immunity boosters[2].

Recently, the AYUSH Ministry in collaboration with the Health Ministry has launched clinical trials on Ayurveda as prophylaxis to COVID-19. Hon’ble Health Minister, Dr. Harshvardhan has announced the clinical trial on Ayurvedic drugs as a prophylactic measure in high risk persons involved with COVID -19 and also its direct role to fight against corona virus. This historic step is a joint initiative of Ministry of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and family welfare and the Ministry of Science and Technology through Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) with technical support of ICMR [3].

Prof Yamini Bhushan Tripathi
A letter sent by Prof Yamini Bhushan Tripathi , the then Dean of Ayurvedic Faculty, IMS , BHU
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