Health workers pulled the Nation out of the deteriorating situation, says Governor Koshyari

Governor of Maharashtra Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari felicitated Corona Warriors from the Healthcare Sector at a function organized by the Medical and Health Information Management Association (MaHIMA) at Raj Bhavan, Mumbai on Monday (14th December 2020).

Addressing the gathering at the event, Governor Koshyari said that the nation is on the verge of conquering the war against Corona. He credited the doctors, health workers, and other Corona Warriors for their dedicated and successful work in pulling the nation out of the deteriorating situation during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Citing statistics of the declining Covid-19 cases in the country, the Governor said the success in bringing Corona Virus Disease under control was achieved because of the coordinated work of social workers, police, sanitation workers, doctors, and health workers. He described the Corona Warriors as Dev Doots (Angels of God).

Furthermore, he said that the word service is very easy to pronounce, but it is challenging to serve. However, the doctors, nurses, and other social workers in the country have acted with the feeling of real social service towards the people of the country.

Describing the service to human beings and animals as service to God, Governor Koshyari appealed to the people to continue to serve the society, as there are still many people who are homeless and without food.

Meanwhile, it was an emotional moment for UK Alumni Dr. Wasim Ghori whose direct involvement with the community and humanitarian effort led to his recognition by the Governor along with other Corona Warriors from Health and Social Care. Present at the event were his proud father Mr. A. Salim Ghori, wife Zubia Ghori, and several well-known names from the Health and Social Care Sector along with the Founder President of Medical and Health Information Management Association (MaHIMA), Mr. Giriraj Lad.

It is interesting to learn that Dr. Wasim Ghori helps people with diabetes on how to self-manage their health so that they can avoid long-term complications and enjoy a better quality of life. As part of many different healthcare initiatives impacting health in the developing world, Dr. Wasim is moving the needle in a meaningful way around Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, and Obesity by delivering high-value, personalized care that concentrates on positive patient experience.

However, life was very different for him during the Lockdown while serving on the Frontline at the peak of the Covid-19 Pandemic. As we are aware, Corona Pandemic lockdown dealt a deadly blow to kidney failure patients as many of them missed their life-saving dialysis sessions, thus ending up with life-threatening complications and lost their lives. During the Lockdown, Dr. Wasim –

  • Volunteered and served on the frontline by responding to the issues faced by dialysis patients and ensured that those affected received the much-needed services through his rich personal, professional, and social network.
  • Facilitated hospital admissions for patients in need of ICU Beds and Ventilators during the Lockdown.
  • Created awareness on the importance of physical distancing, hand washing using sanitizers/soap, and using face masks as control strategies for Covid-19 through the powerful medium of All India Radio (AIR)-Mumbai, 107.1FM Rainbow.
  • Created awareness on the importance of Empathy and Compassion especially towards the medical fraternity serving on the frontline during the lockdown.
  • Educated and empowered communities and individuals on the need to follow certain protocols in combating the social stigma associated with Covid-19.
  • Involved with other healthcare professionals, in helping the Public and the Government with suggestions in formulating policies to tackle the challenges posed by Covid-19.
  • Ably supported by his wife – Zubia Ghori, an accomplished Academician and an Artist by training, he supported communities in Mumbai during the turbulent times by raising much-needed awareness on the virus through the medium of Visual Arts.
  • Created awareness on the importance of using face masks and having them available for all as part of the “Quarantine Art Initiative”. The artworks were shortlisted for a global painting competition – ‘United Against CORONA-Express Through Art’, to express solidarity with people in their fight against the coronavirus pandemic organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) in May 2020.

In May 2020, London South Bank University, (LSBU), London, UK honored him as the Most Distinguished Alumni from India for positively impacting the communities and helping the patients and those affected during the CoVID-19 Pandemic.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Wasim paid heartfelt tributes to the loved ones who have left us during the Corona Pandemic and dedicated the honor to his maternal aunt Late Ms. Abida Siddiquiwhose health troubles mounted after the lockdown was imposed as she faced challenges to get the much-needed dialysis and finally succumbed in June earlier this year.

Dr. Wasim concluded by saying, “During this difficult time of Covid-19 Pandemic, the nation witnessed many individuals who came together to support their local communities through various outreach activities. I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those unsung heroes including sanitation workers, vegetable vendors, bankers, community volunteers, hearse van drivers amongst others who stepped up and joined the frontline workers in combating Covid-19.”

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