There is some   magic factor in  the waters of the river Ganga, despite heavy pollution.  
Huge gatherings like “kumbh-melas” organised at Haridwar & Allahabad for millions/billions to collective-bathing, collecting Ganga-water  and direct inhaling the polluted Ganga River waters for  salvation.
Despite many anti-Hindoo unscrupulous, sick people & children continiously deficating and urinating in the severely crowded Ganga River, no epidemics were ever reported for water-borne diseases.
This manifests natural or aquired immunity in the bathers or the presence of some special anti-pathogenic material in the Ganga River.
The presence of some anti-anaerobic material (anaerobes while feeding/stabilizing on organic material produce foul gases like methane to manifest putrefaction) is indicated in the Ganga waters because the stored Ganga water does not putrefy even when stored in air-tight containers for very long durations.
Many outdated scientists, illogical-persons & pseudos believe that disease-causing pathogens and anaerobes (responsible for putrefaction of waters) do not survive in India’s Ganga River because of the presence of Bacteriophages, various herbs, etc entering into Ganga River at it’s mountain-source in the Himalayas .
They don’t realize the fact that other rivers including Yamuna (a Ganga-tributary, very close and parallel to Ganga) too
 originate from the same mountains.
Bacteriophages are found in all rivers irrespective of their origin, with yet another very significant fact that Ganga vanishes for about a month or two during summer-times soon after Haridwar where all of the Ganga water is taken out in the famous Ganga-Canal whose waters are not considered holy after Haridwar.
However , the most significant/famous holy worshipping-spot, the “Har-ki-Pouri” is on this canal and not on the real Ganga-River at Haridwar. 
It is therefore, the regenerated (from ground-waters and tributaries) Ganga River that flows from downstream of Haridwar to Ganga-Sagar.
The last religiously significant bathing point on the Ganga River via famous Varanasi city where the stated special anti-pathogens & anti-anaerobes properties of Ganga River are again available enabling millions to again bathe, perform “aachman” (a religious ritual of inhailing Ganga-Jal (water) and administering it to a dieing-person for ensuring salvation), and collecting Ganga-Jal in air-tight containers/bottles for keeping/storing at far off places for performing the abovestated various religious-rites.
These factual observations clearly and logically manifest that the extraordinary anti-pathogenic and anti-anaerobic propertied of the Ganga River water come from the Ganga River bed and not from the mountains of Himalayas via bscteriphages and herbs as believed by the many illogical, pseudo outdated persons.
According to Hindoo mythology, God “Bhagirath” brought the Ganga River from Heavens (mountains of Himalayas) to the Earth and canalised/channelised it through such a terrain which contained this extra-ordinary magic-material possessing the anti-pathogenic and anti-anaerobic properties.
British Scientist Hankin found that cholera vibrios did not die in a boiled Ganga water proving that the stated magic material is volatile in nature.
And despite being one of the most polluted rivers, Ganga stands its identity as a magic river.
Prof. Er.Dr. Devendra Swaroop Bhargava
Prof. Er.Dr. Devendra Swaroop Bhargava is a former Environmental Engineering & Pollition Control Professor at IIT Roorkee  & AIT Bangkok
35/201, Gandhar, Sahara State, Jankipuram, Lucknow-226021, UP, India m.+91-9412074331

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