Join Protest against Redevelopment Project of Sabarmati Ashram

Request to intervene and to protest against Redevelopment Project of the Sabarmati Ashram

This is an appeal to your good self to join the campaign initiated by the Gandhian Institutions and sensible, sagacious personalities of the country to protect the simplicity and sanctity of the Sabarmati Ashram. President of Sarva Seva Sangh, Chandan Pal, wrote this letter to different political party president/ secretary like Sonia Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee, Sitaram Yechury and others.

It may be pertinent to mention here that the Sabarmati Ashram originally called Satyagraha Ashram was established in the year 1917 at the bank of river Sabarmati, which was also close to a crematorium on the one side and the jail on the other. Gandhiji believed that the destination of freedom fighter, Satyagrahi has to go either in jail or in the crematorium which the British ruler may decide but we, the Indians, are prepared to accept all brutality till the Purna Swaraj is achieved. It is the place from where famous, historical Salt March for Dandi Salt Satyagraha was started by Bapu.

This Ashram was a place like man-making factory for those who love their Mother Land to get free from the clutches of the British and was ready to face dire consequences. India got its freedom at the cost of millions martyrs who had dedicated their lives for the country.

Hence, the Sabarmati Ashram or Satyagraha Ashram has become the World Heritage now, because the United Nations has declared the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi as the World Nonviolence Day, which is the great tribute to Mahatma Gandhi from the world community.

Now it is reported that the Government of India in association with Government of Gujarat have decided to redevelop the Sabarmati Ashram at the cost of budget Rs. 1246 crores by demolishing its sanctity, simplicity and serene natural atmosphere to make the Ashram as a World-class Tourist Hub which is against the great philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, The Father of the Nation.

Under the above circumstances, the Sarva Seva Sangh (All India Sarvodaya Mandal), an umbrella organization of Gandhian fraternity in the country would like to draw your kind attention to instruct to your party Honorable members of loksabha and Rajyasabha to intervene in this matter and request to raise your strong voice protesting against loathsome action of the Government in the name of Redevelopment Project in the ensuing Parliament Session. At the same time we urge you to save the Sabarmati Ashram, the place of inspiration, for the sake of generations to come.

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