Communication Skills in Healthcare to minimize friction with patients

Importance of communication skills in hospital

Communication Skills in Healthcare are very important. Communication plays a very important role in our day to day life in putting the information across. Effective communication ensures mutual understanding among us which minimizes chance of misunderstanding. In a professional surrounding, the better we communicate, the more credibility we have with our colleagues, juniors and seniors. Clarity & brevity of communication and active listening are the traits which can be learnt through practice.

Need to inculcate good communication skills in healthcare

The need to inculcate good communication skills in healthcare staff staff was strongly felt to minimize friction with patients and their attendants which occur due to poor communication and lack of coordination.

A workshop on “Communication Skills” was organized by the department of Public Relations on 14th February at Dr. Hargobind Khurana Auditorium, Lecture Theatre which was attended by Receptionists, Junior Reception Officers, Public Relations Officers, Medical Social Workers, Nursing Staff and Data Entry Operators of Reception and Registration Desk.

Importance of communication skills in hospital

Speaking on the occasion, Professor R K Dhiman, Director, SGPGI, underlined the importance of communication skills in any hospital in order to understand patient’s perspective and their emotions and in this way extending all possible help to them. Losing temper can cause physical and mental stress to the staff also as nobody wants unpleasantness. As we all have to work for longer time in hospital, it is all the more important to stay physically, mentally and emotionally fit. He added that showing compassion is vital in communication as compassion can help in making the environment congenial. 

Director SGPGI Lucknow Dr RK Dhiman
Director SGPGI Lucknow Dr RK Dhiman

Listening Skills

Medical Superintendant, Professor V K Paliwal expressed his views on “Listening Skills”. He very effectively explained the need to listen actively. Differentiating between hearing and listening he said that ability to receive information, interpret and generate the appropriate response is listening. Communication skills include active listening where one has to be present, patient and positive while listening to the patient. “Empathizing with the patient is also an important part of active listening” he said.

“How important is the effective communication in hospital” was elaborated by Mrs. Kusum Yadav, Public Relations Officer. She explained the 7 Cs of effective communication i.e. Clear, Concise, Concrete, Correct, Coherent, Complete and Courteous.

Effective Communication Skills in Health

Explaining further she said, “Effective Communication Skills in Healthcare prepare us to know the social determinants of the patients and their attendants and thus creating synergy by coordinating with different departments. Proper coordination with every related department will minimize their problems.”  People differ in their needs for communication. Some want to be listened to. On the other hand, others want explanations for everything they are going through. Healthcare professionals must listen and communicate accordingly. She explained the importance of verbal and non verbal communication in an interesting manner citing various examples. The workshop was attended by around 75 staff of the institute.

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