Stress makes women health more vulnerable


Women issues: As stress related ailment make women more vulnerable, these life style changes can be the game changer….The modern day woman adorns several roles. From domestic responsibilities to job challenges, the world of women has seen a tremendous change. The increased burden of striking a balance between house and work is increasingly taking a toll on their health and physical fitness. Fatigue, less hours of sleep and long hours in kitchen and at their work stations is subjecting them to neck and back pains.

alt= "women with neck and back pain was around 4.5 % of the sample size as compared to just 3.3 for men"
women with neck and back pain was around 4.5 % of the sample size as compared to just 3.3 for men

A recently published study suggests that neck pain is becoming an increasing phenomenon in today’s world and women are being affected more than men. A reason for it can be that unlike men, the working women of the modern world is not getting adequate rest and respite when they are back home.  As women continue to struggle more at the domestic front stress on their body is far greater. Recent studies show that percentage of women with neck and back pain was around 4.5 % of the sample size as compared to just 3.3 for men

While easy to use, available over the counter pain reliever ointments and tablets might be the immediate source of temporary relief, they don’t serve the long term purpose. Excessive use of them might come with serious side effects….



1)- if you are spending long hours in kitchen preparing those delicious breakfasts and meals for your family, ensure that height of the working platform is in desired proportion to your height. Ideally the platform should be of up to your hip joint. This saves you from unneeded bending or tilting back. Thus body posture remains correct while standing. Day after day as you continue with your daily chorus, this small change in your kitchen design will help you go long way without neck and back pains.

2)—whenever possible try and use the sitting position one can do this while chopping vegetables. This gives comfort to your legs and the back, thus reducing stress on spinal muscles, avoiding leg cramps

3)- Overhead shelves and water dispensers should be at a reach out height to avoid overstretching the arms.


alt="Avoid talking on cell phone squeezed between the neck and shoulder"
Avoid talking on cell phone squeezed between the neck and shoulder

Avoid talking on cell phone squeezed between the neck and shoulder. So when you are in kitchen, or attending to kids or husband cellphone calls should be answered in correct posture. Either develop habit of using Bluetooth a hands-free or else attend the calls later on, if not urgent. EVEN a few minutes of call with mobile tucked between your neck and shoulder can leave your neck muscles over stretched and sore. REGULAR HABBIT of this wrong posture can lead to serious complications..

Always watch television or mobile in proper sitting and well supported position. Lying down while watching T.V, mobile or reading a book will put undue stress on both neck as well as the back.

Neck Pain : Stay Safe From SPONDYLITIS…(Opens in a new browser tab)


To avoid stress ailment that make women more vulnerable follow this simple technique : This is one simple technique that can go a long way saving you from a painful neck or back. While in kitchen or else when you are cleaning the rooms, avoid lifting heavy objects. So if they are the small drums holding kitchen essentials or a table, chair or some heavy object in your room, try to push it and not lift it.  Pushing decreases the ground fiction. Thereby resulting in less stress on your body


A sound sleep is a natural remedy to body’s stress.  It is a known fact that our body repairs and relaxes the muscles during the sleep. But in order to full achieve this, a perfect bed that can ensure a correct posture is also a big requirement. Always use a hard mattress for sleeping. Soft cushioned bedding will make the neck and back stiff in the morning. Avoid using thick and hard pillows.  


Life should not be just all the work. So from time to time try and sneak a break. KEEP taking break from long standing. You can also use a small footstool while standing,to alternately shift weight from one leg to the other. This will help to relieve back pain while standing.

Dr Arti Bhargava Mishra, Physiotherapist

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