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COVID - 19 An Appeal to Teachers and Students of Lucknow University



The Vice Chancellor of Lucknow University Prof Alok Rai has sent this passionate appeal to teachers and students to save the human species . Please click the link below to read it.

COVID-19 Appeal (1)

Respected Colleagues and Dear Students,

प्रफ़ेसर आलोक कुमार राय Prof Alok Kumar Rai

Our entire species is currently battling an epidemic of unprecedented proportions. Countries, governments and economies around the world have become crippled due to the havoc that the SARS COVID19 has wreaked across the globe. We have lost thousands of lives, and thousands others are currently fighting for their lives. And even as there are cases of recovery and rays of hope, the situation is far from contained as economic and social costs continue to mount. The World Health Organization’s latest Situation Report (SR-66) as of 26th March, 2020 reports that three new countries from the Region of the America and the African are now reporting new COVID19 cases. In the absence of a proper protocol in place to fight such a quick biological agent and even resources to cope with it once it hits, this great leveller of a disease is making no distinction between the rich and the poor or the developed and the developing, everyone is in danger.

We must not think that this is due to lack of trying, or effort. Scientists, doctors, health care professionals around the world are working tirelessly without worrying about their own lives to find solutions to the problem. The situation is terrifying, yes, but all is not lost. As has been mentioned by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, the only way to effectively fight this global pandemic is SOCIAL DISTANCING. In the light of the need to socially distance ourselves from others, please bear in mind the following extremely important things that we need to follow:

  • Social distancing NOT only with COVID19 positive individuals but in all our social relationships. Social distancing allows our current health care system check the spread thereby restrict the speed and reach of the virus, and enables ‘more precise and targeted measures that are needed to stop transmission’. We MUST strictly follow the national lockdown that our Hon’ble Prime Minister has announced for the next three weeks and STAY HOME to SAVE LIVES.

  • We should not resort to panic buying and hoarding essential commodities. Let us not forget that these are trying times, and we must share what is available with those less fortunate and able.

  • We should not spread rumours. Rely on fact-checked information from authentic sources only. Rumours are highly unproductive and create a blanket of fear, panic and misinformation that blocks our road to the truth.

This pandemic has taken massive toll not just on human lives, but has affected our social and economic framework as well. INDIA being a resilient society has overcome epidemics before and will overcome this too.  Let us resolve to STAY @ HOME, STAY SAFE and SAVE LIVES.

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