ROBOTIC Kidney transplantation at SGPGIMS

The technique is extremely useful in overweight recipients

The Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical sciences ( SGPGIMST) lucknow has performed the  first ROBOTIC Kidney Transplantation on Friday 6th August 2021 .

According to a press release issued by the institute “It was another milestone in the history of Kidney transplantation” at Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, India. This is the first such surgery in the history of state of Uttar pradesh also.

The lucky recipient is a 42-year-old female, resident of Barabanki who was diagnosed to have End Stage Renal Disease in 2019 in department of Nephrology by prof Narayan Prasad.

Robotic Kidney Transplant
Robotic Kidney Transplant

She had been on maintenance hemodialysis since April 2019. Her mother agreed for the donation of a kidney to her daughter. She underwent work up for ABO compatible renal transplant for the immunological matching, which was perfectly fit and all matching were within acceptable limits, hence the transplant surgery was planned.

The patient consented for the Robotic assisted Transplantation and Prof Aneesh Srivastava, the HOD of the department of Urology and renal transplantation and Dean of the institute very meticulously planned for the Robotic Surgery on 06th Aug 2021. 

The team of surgeons from the department carried out the procedure under the guidance of Prof Aneesh Srivastava. Dr.Rajesh Ahlawat ,a visiting surgeon and mentor for the event helped the the surgery.

The Anaesthesia team of professor Anil Agrawal and professor Sandeep Sahu supported the transplant surgery.  

The team of Nephrologists led by Prof Narayan Prasad was happy to see the brisk urine output post transplantation, and well settled recipient.

The surgery has been described as a huge success and the patient had a good post operative recovery. Professor Aneesh Srivastava and the team of urologists are extremely exhilarated and excited about the beginning of a new chapter with this latest state of the art technology .

Professor Aneesh srivastava has mentored transplant programs in many medical colleges and other Govt. Institutions of the country including AIIMS Jodhpur, Rishikesh and other upcoming AIIMS. He is supporting the Transplant programs in the RML Institute and the Command hospital of Lucknow for several years.

The Robotic renal transplant is a recent state of the art technique in the field of minimal invasive surgery which offers high precision to the surgeon and speedy recovery for the transplant recipients at some extra cost.

This technique is extremely useful in overweight recipients, which could be challenging when done as an open technique.

The robotic assistance provides easy access to place the transplant kidney in the abdomen with a very small incision and minimal post-operative pain as compared to the conventional transplant surgery.

The incidence of fluid collection around the transplanted kidney which could occasionally be a menace is practically not seen with this technique.

The director congratulated the transplant team of urology, Nephrology , anesthesiology and other supporting departments and enthusiastic highly skilled paramedical staff of the institute for their untiring efforts and being a strong pillar to the patient care services.

The director of the institute, Prof R K Dhiman, was very keen to observe this day of the robotic surgery. The director has always been very keen to develop new treatment and techniques at SGPGIMS.  More  than 200 robotic surgeries have been performed by now in last two years despite all odds of COVID related issues.

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