Dr. S.N.S. Yadav
DR. S.N.S Yadav
Chief Medical Superintendent
Senior Faculty of Medicine
Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow.
Former Chief Medical Officer, Lucknow.

“Medicine is the science of uncertainty and art of probability”
Sir William Osler

There is an alarming increase in the number of COVID-19 cases every day. With Coronavirus threatening to run riot in India, we all have to become even more vigilant about our safety.

Coronavirus can proliferate through cough and sneeze in the form of droplets that one expels & sometimes even through a contaminated touch.

While experimental treatments have shown some assurance, the world is concentrating on the results of vaccine trials being conducted in several countries.

In India, the ICMR is also working on a human trial for the vaccine.

In light of this fact, prevention appears to be the best cure available so far and more importantly reduction of mortality rate is the need of hour.

Suggested measures

Here are the measures needs to be taken to reduce the present mortality rate:

1. TESTING TESTING & TESTING – it is the only way to decrease the mortality rate, by identifying the positive cases and treating these patients with utmost and immediate medical care. Active and effective search by meticulous planning and perfect execution would play an important role in identification and treatment of positive cases.

2. All asymptomatic cases should be in strict intra home quarantine or in hospital to prevent spread of infection.

3. In cases of symptomatic patients as well as elderly patients or patients having SP02 less than 95 percent, should be admitted to hospitals as soon as possible.

4. Reduction of referral time including intra ambulance time and shifting of patients in door in hospitals. Treatment should be started immediately without delay just like it is done in trauma cases. Detailed history and thorough physical examination of every patients should be done (no distant/ virtual examination).

5. Oxygen therapy through nasal cannula/ Venturi mask/ Bipap/ C-PAP/ HFNC/ NIV should be immediately started. Antiviral therapy/ dexamethasone/ LMWH/ Antibiotic to be given without delay. There should be identification and treatment of CO-MORBID conditions/ CO-INFECTION (dengue/ malaria/ enteric fever/ swine flu, etc).

6. The number of oxygen beds (ICU/HDU) should be increased.

7. Training of maximum number of healthcare professionals should be promoted.

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