New Look Barrister Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ( 2 October 1869 : 30 January 1948)

New look barrister M K Gandhi

New sketches by contrarian Tamil artist , amateur ornithologist Prof. Gokula Varadharajan for a special Issue of a journal being published on Gandhi Jayanti in 2021 by fortnightly magzine Sarvodaya Jagat.

The journal also includes an article in Hindi focusing on Gandhi as a metaphor of truth , non violence and human values by senior journalist C P Jha. The said article is from a forthcoming Hindi book on Gandhi.

Barrister gandhi

The book , with an investigative report based on recent research and new findings on Gandhi’s assassination , under a conspiracy of communal fascists forces , is likely to be published in print by 30 January 2022.

Other important articles of this issue are Gandhi’s Human Resource management, Great Communicator Gandhi , Gandhi’s fight against untouchability, Dangers of the new technology, impact of reading Gandhi’s biography ,advantages and disadvantages of wearing Khadi , jAn interesting journey from Mohan to Mahatma and Gandhi being limited to rituals .

The Editor Prof Bimal Kumar has highlighted on the importance of non – violent revolutionary struggle by Gandhi.
The magzine also includes news reports of various activites including Youth Camp in Sevagram and a Peace March started from Kurukshetra.
This five decades old magzine is published by Arvind Anjum for Sarva Seva sangh , an apex body of various Gandhian institutions.

Lucknow -based senior Journalist and former BBC reporter Ram Dutt Tripathi is guest editor of this issue. Ram Dutt Tripathi has been active in Sarvoday Movement for a long time and has been in jail during 1975 Emergency. Then he was managing editor of a fortnightly magzine Nagar Swarajya.
Currently Ram Dutt Tripathi is associated with a website dedicated to public service journalism.

To know more about Sarvodaya Jagat open the link below .

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