Managing Stress during COVID for Better Performance

Dr.R.D.Mishra, Greater Noida 

Stress is a physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. Stresses can be external from the environment, psychological, social situations, internal illness, or physical factors. There is hardly any person who does not
feel the heat of Stress, particularly these days common people are under high stress due to the spread of Coronavirus & the uncertainty of medicine. Yet Stress could not be precisely defined by Medical Science. Stress is an umbrella term for a comprehensive catalog of words that includes Anxiety, Tension, Arousal, Conflict, Pressure, Fatigue, Panic, Upset, Nervousness, etc.

In fact, Stress is a permanent companion of all living human beings in all stages of life. Only dead don’t have stress. Simply Stress is a discomfort either to the physical or mental state of a living being.

What causes Stress?
On this experts are not on common opinion. There are numerous reasons for causing stress. In medical Science, STRESS is “the pressure of Stimulus which cannot be tolerated” becomes Stress. Acceding to famous psychologist Phill Burger external
circumstances and events do not create mental pressure. Our reaction towards them perturbs our mental balance due to which body reactions start, which are termed as FIGHT or FLIGHT Syndrome. Either we fight with Stress or get away from Stress

The World Health Organization stated stress has become a ‘World Wide Epidemic’ Study reveals that In India 72% of the Population living under Stress….Japanese 82% of the population live under Stress. Stress leads to DISEASE, It is nothing but DIS-EASE

Effect of Stress.
Following Effects of Stress are common, which gives an adverse effect on Health.1 Physical symptoms and effects (fast heartbeat, perspiration, nail-biting, fast breathing,
sweating )etc.
2. Emotional symptoms and effects (anger, agitation, anxiety, depression)
3. Mental symptoms and effects (confusion, haste, clutter, memory loss)
4. Behavioral symptoms and effects (irritability, violent, withdrawal, shouting) etc
How to Manage Stress?
There are no fixed solution or remedy, however, following three-fold techniques are
recommended for Stress Management

1. Lifestyle changes technique
What causes Stress in a person; a person can himself/herself introspect
Identify and medicate through changes in lifestyle, like;
a) Nutrition and Health Management
b) Sleep and lifestyle modification
c) Time Management,/ activities Management
d) Add Laughter in your life
e) Using imagery
f) Listen to the music of your choice
g) Relaxation/Recreation
h) Anger management

2. Progressive relaxation technique
. . .a technique used to induce nerve-muscle (neuromuscular)
…Yoga is a form of Progressive relaxation technique
Following forms of Yoga is beneficial
g) BHRAMAHARI, and many more

3. Physiological Interventions technique
Exercise is a physiological intervention that uses stress Products so they
are not able to affect your health negatively.
Any type of exercise, which burns Calorie is recommended. Some forms of
Exercise areas such;
a) Swimming–lap swimming –aqua dynamics
b)Rope Jumping c) Bicycling d) Walking –Brisk walking –
race walking e) Jogging etc
So Stress has become an integral part of a human being. It is said too low Stress
and too high stress is also harmful. One should take care of Effective Stress
Management program so as to live a long healthy life, perform better, less
likelihood of depression, and an overall improvement in the quality of life.


 Dr.R.D.Mishra is Director,Greater Noida Productivity Council and Former  Director & Head, National Productivity Council, GOI

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