Ladakh : Skirmishes with Chinese PLA

Col Pramod Sharma 

The forward posturing of Chines army in recent past is the out come of number of factors.

Construction of roads, bridges parallel to line line of actual control(LAC), strethentning of advanced landing grounds, movement of armed personnel carriers near LAC etc by Indian side has alerted China.

India’s actions are purely for defending the sovergnity of our country. 

 Delay in raising  the Mountain strike corps at chinese border is costing us dearly. We can not afford to delay the issue any more. Our handling of the situation by politicians, Diplomats, intelligence agencies can be more cordinated. 

       In mountainous terrain it’s not the square km of area which matters. What matters is who holds the heights, passes,who has the vantage points for observation,feild of fire etc. Dominance on roads bridges for vehicular, guns movement and communications centers  play decisive role in all out war. India is trying to hold on to such positions.

      Winters are approaching. Movement of guns,stocking of ammunitions, fuel, ration,clothing for long engagement at 14000 ft of heights require actions on war footing. The armies which are well prepared for any eventuality always has a upper hand.

        Chinese intentions has to be understood with more clarity. We have to deal with china politically, economically and militarily taking all aspects into considerations.



कर्नल प्रमोद शर्मा

Col Pramod Sharma has long experience in Army,Navy and Def research and development organisation.

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