Drinking CHLORINATED WATER, the most effective PREVENTIVE strategy

Prof.Er.Dr. Devendra Swaroop Bhargava
Prof.Er.Dr. Devendra Swaroop Bhargava

Prof.Er.Dr. Devendra Swaroop Bhargava

CHLORINE effectively INACTIVATES VIRUSes responsible for POLIO & INFECTIOUS-HEPATITIS and thus the newer VIRUS (family) CORONA (in throat) may also get inactivated by regular inhaling of chlorine containing water

Chlorinated PublicWater Supplies with at least 3-5 mg/l RESIDUAL concentration (after one hour contact time) be SUPPLIED or made using BleachingPowder at home
At home, bleaching powder (available with hardware shops) can be added (say one teaspoon full) in a jar full lof water and this dose (by trial) can be made more or less such that after one hour contact, the smell of chlorine is tolerable.

While travelling also carry this water.

Chlorine is not harmful. It was reported in American journal of public health that an Army Col., while in unknown-field, took 90 mg/l chlorine concentration for,a,couple of months and nothing adverse happened to him. A washerman tried to commit suicide by consuming laundry-bleach of 50,000 mg/l concentration but he was saved after some stomach wash etc

I give one journal-quoted examples of chlorine use in emergencies . Some 200 Armed Forces personel used 32 mg/l (ppm) residual chlorine concentration for several months without showing any adverse effects.

The quoted examples should make the public confident of using high chlorine residual concentrations as,a preventive measure for Covid19.


Note : Prof Bhargav is an eminent public health engineer . His observations need proper medical research by competent labs.  We don’t recommend its use without supporting  medical research. 

The writer is former Environmental Engineering & Pollution Control Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee & Asian Institute of Technology Bangkok

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