Corona: Who is the Real Crook

Pradeep Mathu
Pradeep Mathu

Prof.  Pradeep Mathur , Delhi 

As the fight against Corona intensifies so is the debate on the nature of the virus and those responsible for exposing the world to it. The highlight of this debate is that those who know very little about the complexities of the issue are most vocal in expressing their views on it. Naturally the whole debate is an exercise in ignorance and confused thinking.

Right or wrong a consensus is emerging that Corona is a man-made virus. Five theories going around about who has made this virus and for what purpose. These are.

1. The virus has been made by the Chinese at a laboratory at Wuhan, Hubei, with the idea of using it against the U.S. to cripple its economic power in the world. The heavy incidence of Corona cases and the nearly two lakh death toll in the U.S. and its Western European friends indicate that China has succeeded in its objective to a considerable extend.

2. The virus has been developed in the U.S. which was taken to China by the U.S. soldiers who went to participate in World Armed Forces Games at Wuhan and they infected the local Chinese people there. What American soldiers did was in keeping with the threat the U.S. President Donald Trump had given to China a year ago. During the heat of trade war Trump had said that we will teach Chinese a lesson.

3. The virus is the product of a joint Chinese-U.S. project which was under way at a French built Wuhan lab in technical collaboration with a Texas research lab. The accidental release of the highly dangerous virus put both America and China on the defensive and the war of words between the two is to confuse the world.

4. The virus has been developed at the bidding of Bill Gates who has put in his billions of dollars at virology laboratories. The idea of Bill Gates is to earn many more billions by developing and marketing a vaccine for the virus as also to promote his Agenda 21 to depopulate the world. The known fact that Bill Gates is giving billions of dollars to about seven research laboratories to find a vaccine for the disease is being cited in support of this theory.

5. The last theory is that the powerful Jewish lobby is the crook in this sordid game. It has developed this virus as well as an antidote in a research laboratory in Israel and secretly planted it in China and the U.S. The virus was planted in China so that it became the villain in the eyes of the world and its business suffers. Why the U.S. then ?. The reason is that the powerful and prosperous Jewish lobby, which controls a large segment of the U.S. mercantile economy, now wants Israel as the world’s financial headquarters and for this a setback to the U.S. economy was called for.

We do not know what is the truth and which, if any, of the above five theories is true or nearer the truth. However, sheer common sense says that the things are not as simple as they look. The whole blame game against China was backed up by massive propaganda which clearly had the CIA sponsorship. It is also common knowledge that Trump needs a strong anti China image to win this winter’s presidential election. We in India are always willing to buy any anti- China story because of our in-built hostility towards the Chinese.

We do not know when the true story of this sordid drama will come out. We do not know for sure if this is a natural virus or a man-made virus but we can move in the right direction if we get an answer to a simple question. If the virus is man-made those behind this project where aiming at what – economic domination of the world or a reduction in its population.

It is doubtful that virus could have been conceived as a means of gaining economic superiority by bringing down an enemy’s economy. The virus- forced shutdown has disrupted trade but has not destroyed industrial infrastructure. When production is resumed the affected countries will sooner or later regain their economic health. The lockdown setback and changes in trade flow are usual ups and downs in international trade.

Therefore, if the virus is man-made it is a sinister design of an evil mind to either score a military victory and capture power or to kill people to change the demographic map — something which is termed as Depopulation Project ( of the world) . If depopulation is the objective behind the virus then it is difficult to believe that it is a Chinese handiwork. The reason is obvious. The Chinese have no history of exterminating races and capturing their territories like the West European colonizers. Then China has always considered its population as an asset unlike us in India who, under the influence of East India Company’s paid employee and fake economic theorist Adlus Malthus, have been led to believe that our population is a burden and a roadblock to progress..

If virus is man-made and has been developed as a means to promote depopulation agenda then it has to be a product of either a Jewish mind or a white racist mind. Be it pre-gold rush America, native- inhabited Australia, black Africa or colonialised Asia, White racists have been the most ruthless killers of human beings. In India British colonial masters allowed at least 30 lakh people to die in the great Bengal Famine and partition riots shortly before they wound up their Indian Empire.

Unless we keep aside our prejudices and pet beliefs based on these prejudices we will never be able to reach at the root of a problem. A mind uneducated in history and divorced from reason will always move in wrong directions to the delight of the crooks in a sordid game.

The author, a veteran journalist and a former Professor at IIMC, New Delhi, is editor of Mediamap, a monthly thought journal on current affairs.

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