The involvement of virus is the primary event in terms of Upasarga and this Aupsargika Roga affects the susceptible host in whom Vyadhikshamatva (immune strength) [6] is already compromised followed by involvement of other bio-factors. Acharya Dalhana[7] has clearly stated the involvement of kapha in sankramaka roga that spreads especially through nasal cavity causing kasa (cough), swasa (shortness of breath/dyspnoea) pratishayaya (rhinorrhea) etc. So, without making a debate on to the nomenclature of the disease, the management of Aagantuja vikaara should be done on the lines of nijavikaara[8], with the assessment of the dosha, dushya, adhishthana, avastha involved, and accordingly the management of the COVID-19 may be done.